Harvard Edu Tips on How to Boost Your Immune System

Harvard Education Healthy Tips on How to Boost your Immune System

4 Ways A Hot Tub Helps You Fight The Common Cold

The relaxing effects of hot tubs have been shown to help relieve common cold symptoms.

Here’s just a few ways you can use your Hot Tub to promote health during cold and flu season.

1. Elevate Your Body Temperature To Fight Viruses

One of the common symptoms of a cold or flu is a fever. Fevers are your body’s way of defending itself from viruses. Soaking in your hot tub to increase your body’s temperature and induce a slight fever can help boost your immune system and stop the cold virus in your nose from reproducing. The next time you need to cleanse your body of harmful germs and viruses, look no further than your own backyard! Coast Spas Wellness Spa

2. Relieve Aches And Pains

Bodily aches and pains are common symptoms of the cold and flu. Instead of immediately reaching for over-the-counter drugs, relieve your sore body the natural way – with your own hot tub. The combination of heated water and jet massage can quickly increase circulation and relieve muscle tension to reduce those feelings of soreness and fatigue.

3. Sleep Better

Sleep is your body’s way of rejuvenating and healing itself. But getting some quality ZZZs when your nose is runny and your body is achy, can be difficult. But there’s good news, soaking in your hot tub is naturally relaxing which can help reduce stress and promote better sleep. Your body responds to de-stressing in the hot tub in the same way that it would during meditation or other relaxing states. Additionally, once you get out of the water, your body temperature decreases which increases feelings of sleepiness. Just one relaxing soak in your hot tub can improve sleep and help your body recover faster.

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4. Reduce Congestion

Congestion can block your nasal passages and put tension on your whole head. Coast Spas Wellness SpaIf congestion is making it difficult to breathe, eat, or sleep, take a dip in your hot tub. The heated steam from the water can enter your nasal passage to help shrink swollen membranes and loosen congestion.  Hot Tubs and Spas provide this soothing and pain relieving environment.

Coast Spas Wellness Spa

Coast Spas Wellness Spa

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Coast Spas Wellness Spa

Coast Spas Wellness Spa

Boost Your Immune System with a Hot Tub this Spring!

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Now that the holidays are over, it’s three long months till spring. More intentionality with our lifestyles this time of year can help prevent some of the negative side effects people often face in winter. Are you finding yourself or loved ones sick this week? Boosting your immunity and avoiding a trip to the doctor is easier and more fun than you may realize.

Airborne illness spreads quickly indoors, but small changes to your diet and lifestyle can help ward off illness. Just 20 minutes daily of hot tub time reduces stress, increases flexibility, decreases anxiety, promotes muscle recovery, boosts your immunity and improves the quality of your sleep.

Here are eight ways to boost your immune system!

  1. Move your body. Exercise is the universal recommendation for virtually everything health-wise. It flushes your lungs, reduces your chance of airborne illness and increases your circulation. There are lots of exercises you can do in a hot tub. You can also build an exercise routine in a swim spa over long winter nights.  Ask one of our Swim Spa specialist for a personal tour.
  2. Diet. Boost immunity with these winter foods: oats, barley, shellfish, tea, chicken soup, sweet potatoes, yogurt, mushrooms, garlic, and oranges.
  3. Laugh, love, be happy! Happiness boosts your immune system and spreads joy!
  4. Get outdoors. Sunshine in the winter is needed too; Vitamin D charges up your immune system. Even better, use the hot tub in early morning hours.
  5. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face to keep germs at bay.
  6. Sleep. Soaking in the hot tub prepares your body for a sound night’s rest.
  7. Alcohol consumption impairs your immune system and increases the likelihood of lung infections.
  8. Tobacco raises the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia while impairing basic immune defenses.
  9. Find out the best way to relieve stress. Maybe it’s soaking in the hot tub…spending time with loved ones…reading a book…exercise…or even getting a dog! Stress’s effect on the immune system is well documented.