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Vita Spas Riviera Hot Tub

Vita Spa - Riviera

For over 30 years Vita Spa has been synonymous with quality, comfort and innovation.  Your new Vita Spa has been created with an amazing array of features to give you Vitality for life.

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92” x 92”





Water Capacity

419 Gals


1143 / 4626 lbs

Total Jets


Product Information

Key benefits

Discover relaxation that feels like a true spa day with the Riviera. With multiple seats and jet arrangements, you can choose the best massage for your body.

Customize your Riviera to match your style and preferences for the ultimate backyard escape.

Standard Riviera features include:
61 jets, Halo Pro-Loc™ Stainless Steel Jets
4 Aurora Cascade Water Features
SmartTouch 2 Controls
Aurora Beverage Coasters and Spa Control Valves
Perma-Shield™ Bottom Pan

Attribute set

  • Shape : Square
  • Seating : 6 to 7 people
  • Shell Material : Continuous Cast Acrylic
  • Panel Material : Ecologically Friendly Recycled Panels
  • Control System : M8 Technology
  • Insulation System : Northern Exposure System
  • Substructure : Steel Frame
  • Lounger : No

Technical Specification


Maximum water capacity
419.00 G
Exact Height
Exact Width
Exact Length
Approximative Weight
1143.00 lb


Pumps (North America)

Pump 1
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp
Pump 2
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp
Pump 3
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 1Sp

Amps (North America)

240V/50A/60A (4 Wire)

Pumps (International)

Pump 1
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp
Pump 2
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp
Pump 3
3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 1Sp

Amps (International)

1 X 30A or 1 X 35A With Blower

Vita Spa ® jets were designed to heal. Think of them as your own personal masseuse waiting to work those aches and pains away. Our jets offer a variety of effects and are completely adjustable to personalize your massage. Once you experience their natural healing power, you’ll be left wondering how you ever lived without them.

A Vita Spa® is designed to deliver a complete back massage like you would receive at a massage clinic. There are five techniques that are commonly performed to improve circulation, relieve tension, and relax. Your Vita Spa® utilizes different jets and configurations to deliver these massage treatments.

Fully Electronic 56 Frame Pump

Vita Spa® hot tubs utilize Direct Drive 56 frame pumps in all models. These are larger and more powerful than the 48 frame motors found in most spas. This eliminates mechanical switches, allowing the pumps to run longer and more energy efficient.

Powerpack with M8 Technology

Powerpack with M8 Technology is a revolutionary new hardware/software platform that completely eliminates mechanical sensor switches. The M8 platform features “Smart Sensors” to accurately and reliably measure water temperature.

Know your Spa’s Health at a glance

The status indicator light is a standard feature on 500 and 700 Series hot tubs, allowing you to check the status of your hot tub without opening the cover or app. The color changes from blue to red or flashes blue or red with corresponding error codes.

The World’s First Applliance Grade Hot Tub

The steel structure design in Vita Spa® 700 and 500 series hot tubs allows for complete service of the entire structure and all mechanical parts. The spa can be serviced and brought back to factory specifications right in your backyard. We call this feature “Appliance Grade.”

Steel Sub-Structure

The Vita Spa® 700 and 500 series hot tubs have a steel frame which provides greater structural integrity than wood, as well as superior corrosion protection for a much longer life. It will not expand or contract with moisture. The inorganic properties will never rot, warp, split or crack and eliminate worries of animal infestation or termite damage.

weather shield cover

WeatherShield covers are lined with our copper insulation sheet to improve heat retention. Double stitched seams for durability allow the cover to hold over 400 pounds. The outer shell is extremely weather resistant to fading while weighing about 25% less than other covers in the industry.

ABS Sealed Base

The ABS Sealed Base is made of one-piece construction and provides a rugged foundation that seals the bottom of the spa, locking in heat and sealing out moisture.

Service Made Easy

Your Vita Spa® appliance grade hot tub can be serviced and put completely back together to factory specifications. This is not possible with conventional foam-filled hot tubs as they are extremely hard to service and are typically damaged in the process.

Northern Exposure® Insulation System

Northern Exposure® is a unique thermal barrier technology that recycles the free heat energy for more efficient heating. All four sides of the spa, plus the floor and cover are lined with copper material to reflect radiant heat energy generated from the pumps back into the spa. Heat is then absorbed by the plumbing, helping to maintain water temperature. Finally, the entire hot tub is insulated with 3M Thinsulate™, the same incredible material utilized in winter clothing. This three-layer, patented system ensures energy created by the spa stays in the spa. Standard on 700 and 500 series only

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