Woman exercising in a swim spa hot tub

Physical Therapy in a Swim Spa

Submersing the body in both cold and warm water has been used throughout the centuries to treat physical ailments, mental stress, and accelerate recovery from injury.  Both chronic and acute conditions can be significantly improved through he use of a swim spa hot tub.

Hydrotherapy has been shown to positively affect conditions like osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis.*  Over a matter of weeks, studies show that limited mobility, pain, and oxidative stress can be reduced through regular proper use of a swim spa hot tub.*

Swimspas can also speed up recovery from and eliminate acute pain caused by injury and overuse of muscles from work activities.”  Aquatic exercise performed in the low-impact, supportive environment of a swim spa pool provides relief from the constant impact of walking or running outside the pool.  Swims spas achieve this healing by restoring healthy blood flow to the small capillaries, which helps increase the elasticity and range of motion in your muscles.*  Regardless of your physical conditioning, swim spas positively affect injuries ranging from sore, tightened muscled to longer-term physical therapy needs.