Woman rowing in a swim spa hot tub

Heart Health and Swim Spas

A major key to a vibrant life is regular exercise.*  It keeps your heart heathy!  Swim spa pools offer features specifically designed to support the kind of health you deserve at the level you want.  Swim spa hot tubs offer a wide range of fun, beneficial exercise programs suitable for kids, active adults, and seniors.  The warm currents and pulsing jets exfoliate your skin, increase circulation, and detoxify your body, which leads to a reduction in the common mental and physical stressors we all experience throughout the week.*

Aerobic activities you can enjoy in your swim spa not only include swimming, but also running or walking on an aquatic treadmill or stretching routines based on yoga poses.  To grow your strength, weight-resistance training, like rowing, squats and the use of water weights and bands are also supported depending on your swim spa design.

Making a swim spa a central part of your healthy, dynamic, strong heart.  Your body with thank you for it!