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Leaders in Luxury and Design

For over four decades, American Whirlpool has been a leader in state of the art technology for hot tubs and swim spas. Built for performance, relaxation, and luxury, American Whirlpool products are designed for a lifetime of health and enjoyment.

Exclusive Features

All models boast the exclusive features Northern Exposure® Insulation System, doctor designed Zone Therapy®, zero gravity Performance Seats™, and worry-free steel frame construction. Our experts will also help you personalize your hot tub with other features to enhance the health and joy of you and your loved ones.

Lifetime Insulation Warranty
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American Whirlpool Lifetime Steel Warranty
Lifetime Jets Warranty

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Appliance Grade Design

American Whirlpool Spas hot tubs and swim spas are built to last, easy to maintain, and provide a lifetime of endless pool enjoyment. It’s the worlds first steel framed, appliance grade pool spa combo.

American Whirlpool Lifetime Steel Warranty

Rugged Construction

Ruggedly designed with a completely waterproof one-piece foundation, the ABS Seal locks in heat and keeps moisture out. Built with a zinc-coated steel frame that’s 40% lighter than wood, American Whirlpool Spa hot tubs are rot-free and warp-free. Since they are appliance grade, your American Whirlpool inground swim spa or above ground pool hot tub can be fully serviced at your home after installation.

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Medically Designed Zone Therapy®

American Whirlpool’s exclusive Zone Therapy™ is the the worlds first medically designed jet system for hot tubs. More power in a hot tub water jet doesn’t always mean more performance or better hydrotherapy. The jet pressure and settings are specifically tuned to do two things: keep from pushing you off the seat and provide a medically designed massage for the targeted body area.

Performance Seating

ergonomic seating and jets
While you relax, you’ll get to enjoy an ergonomic seat designed by the same engineers who made the seats in Corvettes and F-16s. The unique TheraMAAX jet design accounts not only for body buoyancy but also gauges the right pressure to loosen muscles and increase healthy blood flow. The TheraMAAX design efficiently moves more water, which means more body surface area is covered without increasing pressure. Ultimately, the design of all American Whirlpool swim spas, hot tubs, and swim spa hot tub combos keeps you in your seat while you soak up the most luxurious hot tub massage available.

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Thermo-Lock Insulation

Heat retention is a major factor with hot tubs. Conventional hot tubs and swim spas vent out heat generated from motors that drive the water pumps because they’re surrounded by foam.
Lifetime Insulation Warranty

Heat Reflecting Design

Made of recycled cotton fibers and flame tested to 5000 degrees, BlueMAAX® Northern Exposure® insulation provides a thermal barrier trapping heat generated from the motors and reflects it back into the spa. This reduces the amount of energy needed to run your hot tub and helps keep the water at an even temperature. It also reduces wear and tear over the lifetime of your hot tub.

filter system

Superior Cleaning

Maintaining the water in your spa is a vital but easy part of taking care of your hot tub swim spa pool. American Whirlpool utilizes a 4-step filtration system to capture and trap debris, remove oil and fine particles utilizing a 1000 gpm high flow filter.

UV Sanitization with CleanZone™

clean zone ultra UV sanitizer

The CleanZone™ Ultra UVC dual sanitation system uses UVC light and ozone to destroy 99.9% of bacteria, micro-organisms, parasites, and viruses. We make the water in your hot tub swim spa as clean as drinking water found in many communities in the world.

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